Plasma Pen

Plasma pen technology is an innovative technology in the field of medical and cosmetic aesthetics, which can be used to ionize gases;

The tip of the plasma pen, assisted by skin resistance, produces a so-called plasma flash, which produces tissue to be treated through microbubbles.

The effect of plasma technology comes from the energy charge of oxygen and nitrogen molecules, which makes these plasma particles activate the discharge on the skin.

This short-term degradation of the upper layer of the skin can lead to further reorganization of collagen fibers, which leads to skin tension, also known as soft surgery: Plasma Lift or Plasma Fibroblast.

This technique describes the treatment of the epidermis without the use of a scalpel or laser. Unlike blepharoplasty, this noninvasive procedure usually does not cause surgical damage to the skin.

Small scabs form on the treated area, which is usually cleaned up after 5 to 7 days without leaving scars.

In plasma therapy, cell regeneration, wound healing and regeneration are strongly stimulated, so the skin can be biologically stimulated to carry out tissue punishment. No additional foreign bodies were injected into the skin, only through microbiological markers, i.e. punctual plasma therapy,

Tissue loss; adverse reactions, on the contrary? Opportunities and risks are in front of us. Eyebrow raising pencil operation skin lifting machine.

Once the plasma fire touches the skin, it will quickly raise the temperature to 2000 degrees Celsius, but only cause 0.06 mm damage. The skin will soon carbonize, so there is no bleeding or scarring.

Eyebrow plasma pencil has been widely used in eyelid surgery, skin lifting, pregnancy marks and freckle removal. Compared with the transient laser speckle removal pen, the plasma temperature of the pen is high and the needle tip is small, which can make the wound leave a large area of wound and cause scar, and heat up quickly to avoid bleeding.

Spot removal:

Department of Dermatology: verruca vulgaris, verruca plana, verruca contagiosum,

Verrucous nevus, sebaceous nevus, granuloma, millet papule, xanthoma of eyelid, skin fat,

All kinds of pigmented nevus, corns, calluses, freckles, etc.


The needle is close to the skin, the fire becomes smaller, and there is heat dissipation space for point-to-point. The needle does not need to touch the skin. It can be used for eyelid surgery, skin lifting, scar removal, etc.


A. Once the package is received, check the accessories and the machine

B. Installing the needles

C. Primary connected power supply

D. Test machine first, paper can be used

E. Clean the client’s treatment area with alcohol, if sensor parts or large size treatment area use anesthetic paste

F. Start the treatment, keep the needle 1 cm away from the treatment target

G. After treatment, apply plant burn ointment or keep it clean

Operation steps:

1 connect the device to the power supply

Cover the patient’s skin with alcohol, and give topical anesthesia to the giant

3. Keep the patient stable, don’t move. People hold this instrument, so keep your hands stable.

4. Click on the bottom of the rock to try treatment. Remove the moles at a distance of about 5mm from the affected area

Five. Use some anti-inflammatory drugs after treatment

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